Jon Morris


President, JDQ Systems Inc. 
Code name: Super Mo-Jo 

Jon Morris is the principal and president of JDQ Systems Inc., where he consults on strategic improvement initiatives while providing leadership based on quality principles. He is a quality practitioner with 20 years of experience in the application of quality methodologies to affect business improvement. Jon holds a Master of Business Administration from the Ivey School of Business and is an ASQ Certified Quality Engineer and Certified Six Sigma Black Belt.

His experience includes the implementation of quality management systems for ISO 9001 registration, implementation of lean Six Sigma methods, and software application design to support continual improvement efforts. Under JDQ’s 3Spheres™ initiative, Jon has been advising non-profits and social enterprises since 2005.

Based in Vancouver, Canada, JDQ has provided assistance to many clients in diverse industries including telecommunications, aerospace, electronics, software development, chemicals, automotive and heavy equipment. Our focus is always to help our clients achieve measurable, sustainable business improvement. JDQ offers its unique capability to companies pursuing continual improvement.

Super Mojo looks for the “magic” in every organization and the finalists’ pitches are no different. A heroic potential for social impact and financial sustainability must be evident. This is Jon’s 7th  year with this competition. He has had many opportunities to apply his super hero insight with 3Spheres pro bono project award winners. His previous mentoring experience provides a practical foundation.